Monday, March 14, 2011

Five things I've learned from my dog

1. The little things in life are worth getting excited over.
His favorite thing is whatever is about to happen. Eating breakfast, napping, going for walks, and watching me vacuum are all (almost) equally terrific.

2. Everything is forgivable.
I feel even worse about accidentally stepping on his foot when, after yelping, he looks up at me with a "aw, shucks, Mom, no hard feelings" expression. (I'm working on granting him the same patience when he jumps up on me and snags a new silk blouse.)

3. Not giving a response is a response.
Sometimes, while walking, a passing dog will, without clear rationale, bark ferociously at mine, lunging against his leash and requiring his handler, embarrassed and quietly apologetic, to shorten it. Sometimes, my dog responds. More often than not, he doesn't. I don't know what this means in dog communication, but I think we have all given in to the "comeback temptation" at least one time when we should've kept on walking.

4. Assume everyone is a potential friend.
Except for that guy who smells weird and comes on a little strong.

5. Aim to make others happy.
It makes them like you. A lot.

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