Monday, January 23, 2012

A few of my favorite things

1.     waking up 5 minutes before my alarm – or, better yet, waking up early without one – and having time to myself in the morning

2.     simplicity in food – I could live off of salads, hard boiled eggs, apples and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, broken into bites

3.     simplicity in clothing – I could live in wellies, knee-high boots, white denim or trouser jeans, silk tanks or cotton tees

4.     simplicity in space – true loft conversion and the preservation of original features

5.      all animals, but especially horses. and my dog.

6.     sensory experiences: the sound of mourning doves and passing traffic; the psychology of colors

7.     regional design and planning; walking to get from A to B; the concept of public transportation and the experience of using it; street-level retail; analyzing the way lifestyles are built depending on a city's design

8.     travel: the density of cities; open-air markets; the gritty, dirty, “ugly” parts; the design and study of the human experience

9.     book stores and libraries

10.  the ritual of "getting coffee" - particularly in the morning - and the taste of the first Guinness sip

11.  trees: the poetry of their silhouette, the contrast of bright baby leaves against wet tree trunks in the spring; the feeling of being beneath them in the summer

12.  random acts of kindness between strangers; the complexity of the human condition

13.  the color brown: it's the color of what's real (it’s earth, rust, some horses, all skin)

14.  the color orange: it's the color of vivacity and innovation; of brilliance; of challenging the status quo

15.  being critical and disregarding “the way it’s done”

16.  personal finance, saving, career planning, and being forward-focused

17.  spontaneity and surprises in all else

18.   the tactile experience of putting a good pen to a pad of paper; journaling; writing lists

Things like these define us. Life is too short not to dwell on them and build our lifestyles to include as many as we can.

What are yours?

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