Saturday, June 4, 2011

Figuring out your passion

Doing this is a liftlong process and, quite frankly, something that will likely change slightly along the way.

Here, however, are some questions to ask yourself, just to get you started:

What makes your eyes light up? There are things in your life that simply delight you. When you talk about them, you smile. It’s a “twitterpation” that never goes away. You could talk about it for hours on end, and you would devote twice that time to actually doing it, if you could.

What would you do for free? If all the expenses if your life were covered, what would you choose to do with yourself? If money were no object, what would you pursue? From what volunteer work have you derived a lot of satisfaction and reward?

What comes easily? Our passions are sometimes things that feel easy to do – and even challenging ourselves to get better at it feels exciting rather than stressful. If it comes easily, though, chances are you have a natural skill set for excellence in that area.

What compels you to do more? What would make you want to stay at the office until 9 pm – not because of a deadline the next day, but genuine desire? What sparks you to ask questions and explore further? In what activity would you go above and beyond? What inspires creativity to do it differently, better?

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