Saturday, June 4, 2011

We exaggerate

We are funny creatures.

We always assume that things will be worse or better than they really are. “Everything will be so much better” when, for example, we get the promotion or if we land a job offer. “Everything would fall apart” though if, on the other hand, we left our jobs or were fired. We think having a baby will solve our marital problems, that we’d be happy if we just lost 10 pounds, or that we could “never” commute by bus. It’s just not true.

Few things turn out to have as much influence – for better or worse – on our lives as we often expect them to. Truth is, we have an amazing capacity to adapt and re-establish our comfort zones once things have been disheveled, and it’s often our mindset rather than the actual external influence that determines what happens afterwards.

So take more risks. Uproot some things in your life and see what happens. It likely won’t be nearly as revolutionary as you initially think.

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