Sunday, June 5, 2011

Talking points: Theresa Szczurek, Pursuit of Passionate Purpose

I met author, entrepreneur and public speaker Theresa M. Szczurek at an event on Friday, and spoke with her briefly.

She co-founded Radish, a technology company that, after only five years, sold for $40 million. She recently founded another company, Radish 2.0, and released best-selling book “Pursuit of Passionate Purpose.”

The pinnacle of her message, in a nutshell: figure out what you’re meant to do, then do it. She offered a lot of good advice on the process of figuring this out.

Know what your value system is – identify your values and know, with certainty, what you stand for. Knowing how you prioritize things in your life will mean major decisions along the way – like selling your car and downsizing your home in order to start a company – are a lot easier to make.

Align those values with your skill set – we all have natural strengths in different things. Coordinating those strengths with things about which we care deeply is a powerful combination. 

Surround yourself with positive people – make friends with and build a network of individuals who also feel passionate about things, and operate with optimism. Find folks who energize you and support your ambitions.

Enjoy the process – make pleasure a priority. Pursuing anything worthwhile takes time, so it’s important to stay sane in the long-term. Though experiencing “passion burnout” is normal, but you can manage it and stay focused by taking the time to enjoy things that you’ve earned and reward yourself with relaxation. A walk outside, exercise, a day trip, reading, writing or having a drink with good friends are all positive ways to take a break. Stay playful.

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