Tuesday, May 24, 2011

5 things worth spending more

1.     Better shoes – now, I don’t mean Jimmy Choo. I mean good, solid, leather shoes with a bit of support under the arch or the ball of the foot (depending on the style.) You spend a lot of time in your shoes, and your whole body is affected by what your feet are feeling. Treat them well, and your body will show it.  

2.     Higher quality dog food – have you ever looked into what actually goes into most dog food? It’s pretty repulsive – it’s the sort of stuff even the most lowly fast food joints turn down. Imagine what our health would be like if, for every meal for our whole lives, we ate the dodgiest fast food we could find. This is what happens when you feed your dog whatever’s on sale at Petsmart. Your dog’s entire diet is based on the food you feed him, and his vet bills at age 11 will reflect what you’ve invested. (For starters, the first ingredient should be meat. For good brands, try here)

3.     Better food for yourself – while you’re upgrading your pet, why not upgrade yourself? You don’t have to indulge in caviar and filet mignons – just make sure you’re getting more substantial nutrition and fewer processed foods. Find a vegetable or two (besides potatoes and corn) that you can enjoy. Eat them more.

4.     Mother’s Day flowers – or the Father’s Day tie, or the engagement ring for the girl of your dreams. Point is, when you’re giving a gift that’s meant to mean something, make it count.  

5.     Your interview suit – ideally, the quality of this suit will evolve as you go through your career. When you’re looking for the suit you’ll be wearing when what could be the boss at your dream job is meeting you for the first time, stretch your comfort level just a little. And then pay to get it tailored. Always.

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