Sunday, May 22, 2011

Myers Briggs yourself

Myers Briggs is one of the leading personality assessments and is not only one of the most reliable indicators of your unique perspectives, values, ideals, and objectives, but is also very effective at guiding individuals in establishing a lifestyle more ideally-suited to them. You feel like something is just ever-so-slightly amiss in your life? Maybe you never knew that you actually need to help people rather than simply sell them things. Or maybe you’re anxious because you recharge your batteries alone rather than with others.

And just maybe you’re making six digits but still feel unhappy because you desire to study philosophy on Saturday mornings rather than buy another pair of shoes.

Myers Briggs can not only help you identify ideal career paths, but can also help you make decisions that will establish a better lifestyle for you. If you drill down to determine that you value travel over security, you know that you’ll be happier taking a trip to Hawaii than you will buying that Pottery Barn couch.

There are countless assessments that help you identify your Myers-Briggs type. Take several and read the results – they may differ depending on the questions asked – but ultimately a pattern will become apparent. Then read careers, values and needs associated with that type. Then pursue those and ignore the rest.

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