Sunday, May 22, 2011

Your money attitude

How do you perceive money? What’s your relationship with it?

According to a recent study highlighted by the New York Times, you fit into one of four categories, and your lifelong spending habits, savings success, and even self-worth is dictated by that attitude.

The four categories, as labeled by an msn article, are:

• Money avoiders: these folks dodge the very concept of money, and tend not to think about it. They are often young, and figure that their income and spending will “just work out." As a result, they tend to be low income, low net worth, and may abuse credit cards.

• Money worshippers: believe that money is the answer to almost everything. They use money as a barometer for their self-worth and the worth of others, and are in constant pursuit of status symbols. As a result, they often drive themselves into debt chasing a status that will impress others. They often believe just a little more income – or winning the lottery – will solve everything. Unfortunately, most Americans fall into this category.

• Money worriers: individuals in this category spend an inordinate amount of time stressing over money. They have a direct link between their net worth and their self-worth.

•Money guardians: these folks get more enjoyment from saving than spending, and tend to be very effective at managing their cashflow. The only downside associated with this category is that they spend their entire lives saving, they may not experience all that that money could buy.

I would call myself mostly a "guardian" with perhaps some "worrier" tendencies.
What style are you? 
Here’s the original New York Times article:

And here’s a great summary of the piece, by msn:

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