Tuesday, May 24, 2011

5 things you actually don't need

1.     Gym membership – nobody has to give you permission to move your body around enough to sweat. You can do this in the park, in your own apartment, or on your way to work for free. Yea, the perks are great – you can get caught up on your favorite Real Housewives while climbing stationary stairs or you can get a massage at half the market price – but if you’re watching your cash flow, this is an easy thing to cut out.

2.     New clothes each season – chances are you were around last year when this season rolled around. What did you wear then?

3.     Another fancy drink – it gets to that point in the night where you’re starting to cross the line from “having a good time” to “having too good of a time,” and you’re trying to fit just one more $15 martini in before heading home. You’ll thank yourself tomorrow if you skip it.

4.     Movies in theatre – my mom and I recently paid over $20 to see one of the new chick flicks in theatre. Funny thing about it is that it will be the exact same movie when one of my roommates ultimately pays $1 to bring home the Red Box version in a couple of months.

5.     Almost anything from Target.  

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